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Mount Eden Station will be enlarged and re-developed. Post-CRL construction, land acquired will provide the potential for more than 100,000sqm of residential and commercial investment.

The present train station is on Mt Eden Road near Eden Terrace/Symonds Street.

The bigger Mount Eden Station will cover both the existing Kingsland to Grafton line and new CRL Mount Eden to Karangahape Road line.

The main access to the station for the citybound platforms is at Ruru Street.

A new overbridge

The station will look completely different from the present platforms which are accessible from a footbridge from Mt Eden Road.

The main access to the redeveloped station for the citybound platforms is at Ruru Street and a new Fenton Street to Ngahura Street overbridge.

The proposed concourse between the existing and new platforms is pictured right.

Check out the design

The cultural design will extend from the forecourt, through the station and across the new connecting bridge between the platforms for the CRL and existing western line (officially known as the North Auckland line).

Basalt stone cladding will be used from floor to ceiling to represent the Mt Eden cone and crater and the pa terraces, with similar designs on the paved area. 

Also under consideration is a new water feature on the wall, seen on the right of the image using water from the nearby reopened natural spring.

Before watching the video....

This map helps to get your bearings on the area. 


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