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Otahuhu updates

Ōtāhuhu updates


CRLL’s contract 8 includes improvement works at Ōtāhuhu. This page provides construction updates.

30 May 2019

Queens Birthday work

KiwiRail workers will spend Queen’s Birthday weekend busy on the construction of a new section of rail line to the third platform at Ōtāhuhu Station.

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 From the early hours of Saturday until Monday night, the team will be making the most of unrestricted access to the rail line while no commuter trains are running there on that line.

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 Staff and contractors will dig trenches for new signal and communication cables, drill up to 20 new foundations for traction masts for overhead wires and install stormwater drainage.

They will also replace more than 4,000 cubic metres of existing ballast and material next to and underneath the existing rail line.

01 May 2019

Ōtāhuhu improvements underway

KiwiRail had a busy Easter long weekend, as they carried out intensive rail works near Ōtāhuhu Station while train services were not running.

Over a four-day period, staff and contractors excavated and tested 21 locations for new traction mast structures foundations, installed ducts under the tracks for new signal cables, replaced two sections of the existing main line ready for the track crossovers that will connect the existing line with the new section of track.

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Over the next 11 months, KiwiRail will construct a new 1.3-kilometre-long section of track alongside the main line, four new cross-overs to allow trains to switch between tracks, and new overhead line and signal equipment between Ōtāhuhu Station and Portage Road.

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The work will allow a third platform to be used at Ōtāhuhu Station for improved train services when the City Rail Link opens in 2024.