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Latest construction video- Lower Queen St, Commercial Bay tunnels and Albert Street

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Albert Street trench- long concrete pour ends (C2 contract)

One of the key programmes of work on Albert Street has ended, almost exactly 12 months after the work started below ground.  

Connectus contractors have poured the last base slab – the concrete floor of the tunnel boxes – underneath the intersection of Albert Street and Customs Street West.

The base slab is the last of 29 to be built – a year-long journey under Albert Street involving more than 3000 cubic metres of concrete delivered by 620 trucks.

City Rail Link’s Construction Manager Lucas Nikkel says: “Base slab 29 seemed a very long way away when we started out a year ago, but the team has worked well in that time to get the job finished as efficiently as possible and complete an important milestone.”

Completing the work now means a continuous track of concrete runs under Albert Street to join up with the tunnel base slab installed under the Commercial Bay development. 

  • A lot of construction activity continues in Albert Street.  

  • Building the tunnel boxes is 92 percent complete.

  • Five sections of the tunnel roof still to be poured to complete the tunnel box in late June .

  • The trench is 57 per cent backfilled. Backfill will finish in September.


Update on Lower Queen St and Britomart tunnels (C1)

The Downer Soletanche Bachy Joint Venture ( DSBJV) is now only a couple of months away from celebrating its third year constructing City Rail Link’s Contract 1 at Britomart.

The JV team has recently completed the bulk excavation of two trenches under the CPO Building and Lower Queen Street (LQS), and is now working on the construction of the new train tunnels.


Lower Queen Street

Bulk excavation of the 14m deep LQS trench was completed this month, enabling DSBJV to complete breakthrough works to expose the new Fletchers tunnels underneath Precinct’s Commercial Bay site.

Two large breakers were used to cut and breakout a number of secant piles. Works are also underway on the exposed Precinct tunnels to ensure they are ready to connect to the new C1 tunnels.

Along the northern secant pile wall of the LQS trench, works are underway to construct the concrete in-fills that will eventually form part of the permanent drainage path across LQS.

Northern Tunnel

Construction of the concrete base slabs for the northern tunnel was being completed this week. Construction of the infill area between the tunnel walls and diaphragm walls is underway, and will be filled with sand/cement flow-able fill over the next few weeks.

Tunnel walls will be started in late April, ready for roof construction in mid to late May.

Southern Tunnel

The southern tunnel is approximately two weeks behind the northern. This is due to the necessary removal of the old pedestrian underpass that previously ran from the train station through to where Commercial Bay is being built. Concrete pours are underway in the southern tunnel, with three out of five base slabs now complete.

Construction of the in-fill section between the tunnel and the diaphragm walls has just commenced.

Britomart Station lower levels

In the lower levels of Britomart train station, the northern curved blockwork walls are in the process of being removed. This will enable the existing train line to connect to the tunnel portal, which is located between the station and the northern tunnel under the CPO.

In May, the stairs on the northern side of the escalators, between the station’s lower and middle levels, will be demolished. This will be followed by works to modify the existing escalators. Access and egress for station passengers will be maintained at all times.

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