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One of the key programmes of work on Albert Street has ended, almost exactly 12 months after the work started below ground.  

Connectus contractors have poured the last base slab – the concrete floor of the tunnel boxes – underneath the intersection of Albert Street and Customs Street West.

The base slab is the last of 29 to be built – a year-long journey under Albert Street involving more than 3000 cubic metres of concrete delivered by 620 trucks.

City Rail Link’s Construction Manager Lucas Nikkel says: “Base slab 29 seemed a very long way away when we started out a year ago, but the team has worked well in that time to get the job finished as efficiently as possible and complete an important milestone.”

Completing the work now means a continuous track of concrete runs under Albert Street to join up with the tunnel base slab installed under the Commercial Bay development. 

A lot of construction activity continues in Albert Street.  

  • Building the tunnel boxes is 86 percent complete

  • 60 metres of wall and 108 metres of roof remain to be built

  • City Rail Link Ltd’s contractor, Connectus, is due to finish construction of all the tunnel walls and roofs in July/August

  • The backfill programme is 40 percent completed

  • Backfill will finish in September

  • Strut removal is 58 percent done, and the removal of capping beams has just started.  



In Lower Queen Street, the bulk excavation of the trench by contractors Downer NZ and Soletanche Bachy is now complete.

Also complete is the demolition of the secant piles to expose the two tunnels under Commercial Bay.

Currently underway in the Lower Queen Street trench is the installation of the concrete blinding which underlies both tunnels.

Preparatory works to construct the northern tunnel have also commenced.

Underneath the former Chief Post Office (CPO) building, construction of the tunnels is progressing well.

In the northern trench, two out of the five sections of the reinforced concrete base slab for the tunnel have been poured.

In the southern trench, rebar installation has commenced for the first base slab.

 Also inside the CPO building, early works for rebuilding the ground floor have commenced.

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