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Changes that may affect you

Changes that may affect you


Over the next few years, activities and movement in Auckland's city centre are affected by CRL construction and that of a number of other significant projects.

Below we list any new changes that could affect you.

For non-CRL roadworks and disruption,  Auckland Transport has a section on its website.

Albert Street canopy removal works

04 February 2019

From mid-February, work will begin to remove the canopies from buildings located along the western side of Albert Street between Wellesley and Victoria Streets, as part of preparations for building City Rail Link’s Aotea Station.

This impacts the Auckland Council building, SkyCity, Manhattan apartments and the AA building, SkyCity’s entire canopy needs to be removed but only partial canopy removal is required on the other three buildings.

AA building with canopy.JPG

The initial works include the relocation of signs, CCTV cameras, sprinklers and power connections. This will be followed by the removal of any glass panels and the cutting and dismantling of the canopy structures.

The work will be undertaken by contractor Connectus Joint Venture and is expected to be completed by October 2019. The scheduled hours of work are 7am to 7pm, Monday to Saturday.

What can I expect?

From Saturday 2 February, Albert Street will be reduced to one lane in each direction between Victoria Street and Wellesley Street as Connectus prepares the work site.

Pedestrian movements and access to all buildings will be maintained. However, while these works are underway, north-bound vehicles on Albert Street will be unable to make right-hand turns into Crowne Plaza and south-bound vehicles will be unable to make right-hand turns into the SkyCity carpark (see detour map below).


Pedestrian walkways will be shifted away from the building and will be protected by traffic barriers and hoardings.

CHANGES: How it looked on 4 February 2019

CHANGES: How it looked on 4 February 2019

Signage and site personnel will be provided to direct traffic and pedestrians.

While there will be some noise associated with this work, it is not expected to be particularly loud or disruptive.

Why do the canopies need to be removed?

The canopies must be removed to enable access for a large piling rig to install piles of more than 20 metres in length. These underground piles will provide temporary ground support while the new Aotea Station is constructed.

Monday 4th February 

Albert Street - Between Wellesley and Victoria Street - outside AA building (about a week)

The team will install a ramp over the stairs as this will become the temporary pedestrian access during the canopies removal. Temporary fencing will be installed around the works area as well as the noise mats to minimise noise disruption.

 Albert Street - Between Wellesley and Victoria Street (about 3 weeks)

The pedestrian access on the western side of Albert Street between Wellesley and Victoria Street will be maintained but the set up will change over the next three weeks while the team is installing the hoardings starting at the northern end by the AA building. Signage will be installed to direct the public. 

 Albert Street - Between Wyndham and Swanson Streets

The traffic is pushed onto a section of the footpath as shown on the map below. This is to allow enough safety space to start removing the construction panels, struts and capping beam along the east side of the trench, then we will continue backfilling the trench up to the road level following by the reinstatement of the road at this location. Pedestrian access and traffic will be maintained.

Albert Street east - Between Wyndham Street and Hollywood bakery

Albert Street east - Between Wyndham Street and Hollywood bakery

Capping beam removal: The team will start breaking and removing the first section of the capping beam (temporary ground support) for about two weeks. This work involves concrete and steel breaking. Noise mitigation will be in place during the works.

Sunday 10th February 

Albert Street - Wyndham Street 

The Wyndham Street pedestrian bridge is shifted further south on Albert Street before the sliplane, as shown on the map below.


End February

Albert Street - Between Wellesley and Victoria Street (about 8 months)

Once the permanent hoardings are installed, the site set up will be steady for about eight months and look like the below while the team remove the canopies of the buildings on the western side of Albert Street. 

  • There will be one lane traffic going north and one going south.

  • This will also include no right turns from the other side of the road, and in particular to go into Crowne Plaza Hotel and Sky City carpark. 

  • Pedestrian access, traffic and access to buildings will be diverted but maintained.


 Wyndham Street East - (about a week)

Temporary road closure: A section of Wyndham Street will be closed for about a week. This is to install the stormwater manhole and pipe located in the middle of the road.

No turn left from Albert Street to Wyndham Street or from Wydham Street to Albert Street will be possible.

Pedestrian access and street car parks are maintained on Wyndham Street outside the road closure


Deliveries: Customs Street (outside DFS Galleria) -Evening deliveries

As a back up to regular steel reinforcing deliveries during the day, there may be deliveries coming to site at 7pm. The team are mindful of noise and will finish at 10pm at the latest. The truck will be parked on site and the crane will be lowering the steel into the trench, ready for the team to prepare the reinforcement in the morning. 

Albert Street changes in New Year

21 December 2018

Some significant changes will be made to the layout of Albert Street in the New Year.

At the southern end of the Albert Street site, work will begin on reinstating the Wyndham Street intersection. At that location, the struts (horizontal support beams) will be removed, the trench backfilled and the road surface reinstated by about March 2019.

From March, Albert Street’s northbound traffic lane will move closer to the centre of street, onto the existing construction traffic deck, to enable the public realm reinstatement works to begin. Connectus JV will remove the pile capping beams before completing the backfilling of the trench and reinstating the road with tree pits, stormwater catchpits and new kerb lines. CRL’s Albert Street tunnel box is expected to be completed by about August 2019.

Auckland Transport starts Quay Street work

Updated 17 December 2018

Auckland Transport advises:

After Christmas, work will start on relocating Quay Street’s underground services into a single trench. This is not part of the City Rail Link project but the first stage of the Downtown programme to strengthen and enhance Quay Street by 2021.

Downtown Programme Quay Street Christmas holiday closures map Dec 2018 - Jan 2019.pdf.jpg

From 27 December 2018 to 6 January 2019, there will be road closures and detours in place which will change the way you get to, or drive through Quay Street to get to another destination.

  • Quay Street will reduce to one westbound lane and be closed to through traffic from Commerce Street to Lower Hobson Street.

  • There will be no entry to Quay Street from Lower Hobson Street.

  • Lower Albert Street will be closed to all traffic.

  • Traffic wishing to use Quay Street as a through route will be detoured.

  • There will be changes to Northern Express and Birkenhead bus stops.

  • From 7 January 2019, Quay Street will return to one lane in each direction between Tangihua and Lower Hobson Street. Lower Hobson Street will also reopen. Lower Albert Street will remain closed until mid-January. From 7 January to 13 January, there will be no right turn from Quay Street into Princes Wharf.

This is an Auckland Transport advisory and more details of their holiday disruptions, including rail changes, are on their website. Any questions should be directed to AT.

Albert Street (Corner Mills Lane) Traffic Diversion- Saturday 26 May

Updated 24 May 2018

On 26 May, to continue excavation CRL contractors Connectus needs to remove an old sewer pipe underneath Albert Street, across a trench between Mills Lane to Wolfe Street.

During the demolition of the pipe, a truck parked onto the construction deck will access the manhole located in the middle of the road at the corner of Albert Street and Mills Lane (See the red circle).

Once demolished, there will be a temporary pipe installed across the trench above the excavation.

Albert changes.jpg
  • The area around the manhole will be coned off for safety.

  • The traffic on Albert Street going toward the south will not change, only a little deviation will be needed around the cones.

  • A traffic controller will be there to assist if needed.

  • The work will take a day to complete starting at 7am and finishing at 6pm.

Connectus work in Albert Street

Updated 02 May 2018

Connectus advise the following work between Customs Street and Mills Lane/Wolfe Street:

At the northern end of Albert Street, the Connectus team is planning to do drilling works from today to Friday (4th May), during the day. The drilling works are the temporary ground support within the trench (see picture below).  Please note this work will be noisy and vibration may be felt.


Albert Street canopy removal

Updated 14 March 2018

From late March, Connectus is removing building canopies and relocating services along the western side of Albert Street between Victoria and Wellesley Streets.

This work prepares the way for the construction of the Aotea station within the City Rail Link.

The physical works remove (or partly remove) the building canopies for the Auckland Council Building, the AA Building, the Manhattan apartments, and the Sky City Convention Centre.

This will be followed by relocating the below-ground utility services into a new trench outside the piling line of the Western wall of future Aotea station (see illustration below).

Albert st.png

The works will start by setting up the traffic management. This will take about two days.

Once the traffic management is in place, the construction hoardings will be installed.

The new traffic plan for traffic and pedestrian is shown below.

Albert 2.png

Canopy removals start in mid-April. The works will start from the north moving south of Albert Street.

The initial works will be to disconnect power supplies and install scaffold at the AA building before removing the canopy.

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Wolfe Street changes

Updated 13 February 2018

Connectus advise that because of the CRL construction, Wolfe Street will change from Sunday.

  • Wolfe Street will reverse direction

  • The left turn from Albert Street onto Wolfe Street will be stopped

  • Access to Wolfe Street will be available via Hobson and Federal Streets

  • The setup of Albert Street is now in a 'steady state' for traffic flow and will remain unchanged until late this year.

Wolfe St.png