City Rail Link

Changes that may affect you

Changes that may affect you


Over the next few years, activities and movement in Auckland's city centre are affected by CRL construction and that of a number of other significant projects.

Here we will list any new changes that could affect you.


Customs Street West traffic changes

Updated 27 July 2017

Customs Street West between Downtown Carpark and Albert Street will be reduced to one lane until November . 

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Please expect delays in the area and plan your travel in advance.

New pedestrian crossing layout

Updated 27 July 2017

If you cross the intersection of Customs and Albert Streets, you'll find a new layout set up by the Connectus traffic management team.

This enables the construction of the last section of the permanent traffic bridge. This new layout will be in place until this last section is completed which is scheduled for September this year.

A big thank you to our Traffic Controllers that keep us all safe.

Albert Street traffic changes

Updated 26 June 2017

On Albert St, between Wyndham and Swanson Sts, the top 1.5m of road surface continues to be removed to allow the installation of an extensive steel support structure ahead of the bulk excavation works for the City Rail Link (CRL) tunnels.

This structure will hold piled retaining walls apart during the CRL tunnel excavation along Albert St and will also support a pre-cast concrete deck that enables the entire excavation to be completed while maintaining a lane of traffic in each direction. 

In the coming months, the operation will progress towards Customs St and is expected to be completed in October. During this time, Connectus will also start excavating down to the level of the depth of the future CRL tunnels, progressively moving north from the Wyndham St end.

For about one year, southbound traffic has been diverted off Albert St to the Wyndham to Victoria St slip lane by the bluestone heritage wall. This provides the contractor a laydown and stockpiling area opposite the Auckland District Court building to facilitate the excavation and backfill operations associated with the tunnel construction.

From 5 July, northbound traffic along Albert St is scheduled to be temporarily diverted for three months via Swanson St West and Federal St to allow contractors more space to excavate the top 1.5m of roadway and install the large steel struts and pre-cast concrete traffic decks. Wolfe Street will be accessible from Federal Street but there will be no access from the Albert St end.

At the Albert/Customs intersection, construction is nearing completion on the third of four sections of the traffic deck, which will form part of a bridge structure that spans the entire intersection, allowing all four traffic lanes to be re-established (likely by the end of September) while the CRL tunnels are constructed underneath.

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Stay safe when crossing

Updated 15 June 2017

In Downtown Auckland, construction borders are often moved to accommodate the latest section being worked on - so make sure you follow signs and please obey anyone officiating at temporary or changed pedestrian crossings.

CROSS SAFE: Trained people are being used to assist people to cross safely at busy spots. Please follow their instructions

CROSS SAFE: Trained people are being used to assist people to cross safely at busy spots. Please follow their instructions