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City Rail Link is committed to a robust and transparent procurement process focused on risk management, value and ensuring a fair and equitable outcome.


Latest procurement news


  • On Thursday 29th March CRLL Procurement released the C7 Systems Integration, Testing and Commissioning Request for Proposal (RFP) to the shortlisted Respondents
  • The C6 Contract has been awarded to March / Bessac JV
  • The Independent Safety Assessor (ISA) Registration of Interest (ROI) has been advertised on TenderLink and GETS.

Procurement packaging and timeline

The CRL will be delivered in five principal packages

The geographic location of the work packages is shown on this map below


Procurement Timeline

The timeline for procurement of work packages is listed below. This table lists the dates a tender was released or is intended to be released. It will be updated as dates are achieved and confirmed.


* C3 delayed by up to three months.

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Procurement Package Progress

C3 Stations and Tunnels

The C3 Stations and Tunnels EOI phase is nearing completion and will conclude with the shortlisting of two respondents to proceed with the RFT Phase.

The RFT is expected to be released in March 2018.

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C5 Western Line

The C5 Western Line will now be a civils only package and the  final contract model for the C5 work package is currently being determined. 

C6 Mt Eden Stormwater Main Relocation

The C6 Mt Eden Stormwater Main Relocation Contract has been awarded to March / Bessac CRL JV.

C7 Systems, Integration, Testing and Commissioning (Rail Systems Alliance)

The C7 Systems, Integration, Testing and Commissioning RFT will be released to shortlisted respondents in March 2018. The C7 Contract is now a Rail Systems Alliance and will be responsible for the line wide systems package.

C8 – Wider Network Improvements

The C8 scope of works now covers the Strand and Otahuhu sites. CRLL is coordinating with Auckland Transport and KiwiRail on delivery options and timing for these works.

 C9 – Britomart East

The scope of works for this package has been re-allocated to C5 and C7.

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Industry Briefing

The CRL Industry Briefing was held on 29 November 2016. The briefing was well attended and focused on the procurement process, governance and technical aspects of the project. An information booklet was provided on the day to all attendees. See links below to the presentation slides and information booklets.

Read here or download the presentation material

CRL Industry Briefing Presentation (PDF 4MB - 30 pages)

Industry Briefing information booklet - section 1 and 2
(PDF 4MB - 32 pages)

CRL Industry Briefing Technical Presentation (PDF 6MB - 83 pages)

Industry Briefing information booklet - section 3 (PDF 14MB - 28 pages)

Work Package descriptions

C3 Stations and Tunnels

C3 will be procured using a design and construct model with a lump sum price based on a bespoke contract. A portion of the bid costs for any unsuccessful short-listed C3 bidder will be paid in return for any intellectual property rights and effort expended.

The C3 work package includes tunnel ventilation services and fire life safety strategy and also includes:

Aotea Station - Cut and cover construction of a 15m-deep, 300m long underground station and plant room box, including platforms, lifts and escalators to street level, plant rooms housing station and tunnel equipment, full station fit-out and entrances at either end at Victoria and Wellesley Streets.

Karangahape Station - Mined construction of a 32m-deep underground station, including platform tubes and 150m-long platforms, lifts and inclined escalators to street level, plant rooms housing station and tunnel equipment within two shafts, full station fit-out, entrance at Mercury Lane and provision for future entrance at Beresford Square.

Tunnels - Twin-bored tunnel construction (circa 7m diameter), assuming a launch chamber at Mt Eden and reception chamber at the southern end of Aotea Station.

Newton junction to Western Line - A grade-separated junction between the east and west facing connections, with mined caverns for the turnouts, and cut and cover tunnels. Construction of a new platform for the CRL line in a 7m-deep open trench linked via escalator, stairs and lifts to the Mt Eden station platform on the Western Line, grade separated junctions, construction of a station group control centre above the station entrance and associated MEP and fit-out.

Asset Management - The provision of maintenance services for the three new stations.

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C5 Western Line

The C5 work package includes the western line connection, Newmarket, Henderson and Britomart East works.

The work includes:

Western Line Connection – works required to connect the CRL main tunnels to the Western Line and comprise significant civil construction works with new road, rail and pedestrian bridges and retaining walls.

Newmarket – junction to be expanded including complex slab track connections, complex OLE structures and an emergency escape bridge.

Henderson – major track works, signalling and OLE changes to remodel the junction to allow the additional platform required by the CRL and to future proof for a further additional platform in the future. Key changes allow operation of the new service between Henderson and Otahuhu and to allow faster entry and exit of trains, including into the Henderson EMU storage depot.

Britomart East – works required to increase vertical pedestrian/passenger flows out of the east end of Britomart.

C6 Mt Eden Stormwater Relocation

C6 has been procured as a lump sum, construct only contract based on New Zealand standard conditions of contract.

The C6 work package includes the construction of a 1.95m diameter pipeline at depth below ground level replacing the existing pipeline length on a new alignment over approximately 420m between Water Street carpark and Ruru/Nikau street intersection in Mount Eden. The key elements of the C6 work package include:

  • boring and thrusting a new pipeline at depth on curved lines through a wide range of material with accurate level tolerances
  • demolition of two buildings
  • excavation and construction of three permanent access shafts at Water Street, Ruru/Nikau Street and near Road
  • joining of the new pipeline to the existing pipeline by cutting-in at both ends
  • minor utility relocations, vehicle access and retaining wall construction and relocating an overhead traction power gantry on the rail corridor.

C7 Systems, Integration, Testing and Commissioning (Rail Systems Alliance)

C7 will be procured using an Alliance Agreement.

Works include provision of trackslab, track, overhead line, signalling (control software and systems and interlockings to be provided by CRLL), control systems, communications systems, control room fit-out and building work, and trackside auxiliaries. Rail systems to be installed from the existing operational railway to the east of Britomart, through Britomart Station, C1, C2 and DSC, the new station and tunnels (C3), and to the Western Line (C5).

Works also include responsibility for Operational Readiness. Once construction work has been completed and individual systems have been tested and commissioned, the system needs to be commissioned into service. This will include a trial running period, equipment testing and commissioning, driver training, test train running and operating/maintenance manual updating. Key stakeholders will include construction contractors, the train operator (currently Transdev), KiwiRail as owner and network operator, AT and CAF (the train supplier).

C8 Wider Network Improvements

The contract model for the C8 work package will be a lump sum, construction only, NZ 3910 contract. 

The C8 scope of works now covers the Strand and Otahuhu sites. The remaining sites have been re-allocated to the C5 and C7 packages.

The works involve:

Otahuhu Station rearrangement – introduction of the CRL timetable diverts many Western Line services away from Newmarket and South to give the significantly better West to Britomart service. A new service will be provided between Henderson and Otahuhu as a replacement. This project allows the operations of the purple route at Otahuhu.

Strand Crossover – The CRL timetable demands efficiency of all movements and the movements out of the Strand EMU storage depot are inefficient due to the extensive amount of ‘wrong way running’. This is resolved by the placement of this crossover. 

C9 Britomart East

The scope of works for this package has been re-allocated to C5 and C7.

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