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CRL Ltd recognises that safety is the number one priority for the project

While we commit to the health and safety of workers through our Safety Policy and the overarching Safety Management System, true safety commitment is measured by actions.

Zero Harm is the target for the project, and although extremely difficult to achieve, this target will remain in place for the life of the project. Accurate safety reporting, not only of incidents but also of near misses/hits and unsafe practice, is absolutely essential to the achievement of a safety realisation as close to our target as possible.

CRL Ltd (CRLL)'s expectation of all PCBUs and their workers who are engaged to work on the project is a full and unwavering commitment to safety. All PCBUs and their workers are expected to demonstrate their safety commitment.

The CRLL Construction Safety Management Plan covers all construction activities and defines the minimum safety standards acceptable on the project. As part of the commitment to safety, every PCBU and worker on the project is expected to strive to exceed CRLL’s minimum safety standards at all times. 

A risk based approach is being undertaken to ensure construction activity hazards are identified, assessed and controlled. Through managing these risks, CRLL is reducing the risks to acceptable levels. CRLL requires evidence to be kept demonstrating that risks have been reduced So Far As Is Reasonably Practicable (SFAIRP), which is required to ensure compliance with the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 (HSWA).

The objective of CRLL is to work collaboratively with all key stakeholders and PCBUs to ensure we meet our legal and other compliance obligations. CRLL’s intent is for its workers and all PCBU workers and consultants, to work together to ensure no one is harmed through what we do.

Safety Assurance on the CRL Project

Systematic approaches to managing safety assurance are well established on overseas railway systems, with the European Standard EN50126 commonly used as a framework for managing safety throughout the project asset lifecycle.

This approach is being used for the City Rail Link project and is intended to not only assure a high standard of safety in design, but is also aligned with the recent changes to NZ’s health and safety legislation.

The New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA), in their role as the NZ Rail Safety Regulator, has mandated Independent Safety Assessment for the CRL project. The Independent Safety Assessor’s role is to verify that the required level of safety and quality is achieved by all parties concerned to ensure the project is implemented to the required safety standards. These standards include, but are not limited to:

  • EN50126 - Railway Applications the Specification of Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety

  • EN50128 - Railway Applications Safety Software for Railway Systems

  • EN50129 - Railway Applications Safety for Signalling and Communication Systems

  • IS0 31000 - Risk Management

  • ISO 9001 - Methods of Quality Management

  • ISO15288 - Systems & Software Engineering.

The supplier(s) will carry the overall responsibility for the detailed verification and validation (V&V) activities and the evidence of safety within its contractual scope, whereas the Independent Safety Assessment will focus on the judgement of whether the supplier(s) V&V and Safety Management Organisation has applied the appropriate processes and techniques in line with the requirements of the standards.

It is the goal of the Independent Safety Assessment to put the Safety Authority (NZTA) into a position to grant the allowance for operations (licensing) after the finalisation of all necessary evaluations, examinations, analyses, inspections, and tests.

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