City Rail Link

Social outcomes

social outcomes


The City Rail Link (CRL) build will create a significant number of jobs throughout the life of the construction.

CRL will be seeking social outcomes during this delivery phase, in line with the Auckland Plan, that have lasting positive effects on the community of Auckland, Tāmaki Makaurau: creating training and employment; providing supply chain opportunities and engaging our future workforce.

He waka eke noa, we are all in this together.

CRL is seeking social outcomes that include employment, training and social innovation and the delivery partners will deliver on these outcomes. 

 Employment that provides:

  • individual career development plans
  • apprenticeships or equivalent pathways
  • upskilling and reskilling that equips people for the present and future and
  • pastoral care.

Training that will:

  • build confidence and competence
  • provide relevant work-ready skills and
  • significantly improve chances of gaining quality employment in the construction, infrastructure and rail industries.

Social Innovation by:

  • providing supply chain opportunities for Māori small and medium- sized enterprises, social enterprises and socially innovative businesses.

Future Proofing by:

  • engaging with schools and their students about careers in construction and infrastructure.

The following graphs show an estimate of the person- hours required to deliver the remaining contract packages shown by trade and what this looks like in terms of numbers of people over time. These graphs are being provided to enable training providers, those thinking about their future careers, agencies involved in supporting those not in employment, education or training and the wider industry and community to understand the scale of opportunity.