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Community Liaison Groups (CLGs)

Community Liaison Groups (CLGs)


Vital to the success of the project is quality communication and stakeholder engagement.

The CRL project team has established positive working relationships which are wide-ranging and both formal and informal.

Community Liaison Groups (CLGs)

As part of CRL designation conditions, local Community Liaison Groups (CLGs) representative of the residents, property owners and businesses directly affected by CRL construction were established.

The groups will meet regularly throughout the CRL's construction, with the purpose of:

  • receiving regular updates on project progress
  • monitoring the effects of construction on the community and giving feedback to CRL Ltd, who will respond to any concerns and issues
  • providing feedback on the development of  Construction Environmental Management Plans (CEMPs) and Delivery Work Plans (DWPs)
  • proposing potential joint initiatives regarding the interim use of properties, including vacant land acquired for construction
  • being consulted on the preparation of the pre-construction communication and consultation plan.    

CLG members have made a time commitment to the groups, who will be meeting regularly over several years, to allow for an accumulation of knowledge about the project.

There are four groups: