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Council and Government approve extra CRL work
City Rail Link (CRL) sponsors – the Government and Auckland Council – have agreed to increase their investment in the project to cater for larger-than-expected growth in rail patronage across Auckland.

New rail transport growth statistics suggest that by 2035, CRL stations will need to cope with 54,000 passengers an hour at peak travel times, rather than the original estimate of 36,000.
The new agreement means the tendering process for the project’s main stations and tunnels contract can now incorporate longer platform tunnels at Karangahape Station to cater for nine-car trains, a second Karangahape Station entrance at Beresford Square and additional station work at Britomart, Aotea and Mt Eden stations.
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Britomart tunnel excavation begins
CRL has started excavating the 14-metre-deep trench that will contain the project’s twin rail tunnels under Britomart Station and Lower Queen St in downtown Auckland.

This follows almost two years of careful preparation work to protect Britomart Station’s historic Chief Post Office (CPO) building and support the ground before the trenching and tunnel construction begin.

A single 25-metre-wide trench will be excavated in Lower Queen St and two 10-metre-wide trenches under the CPO (the two future CRL platforms will be located on the far sides of the station).

CRL tunnel box construction is expected to start at this location at the end of this year.
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Load transfer of historic CPO building continue
The weight of Britomart’s historic CPO building is being gradually transferred onto a series of underpinning frames.

Pressurised hydraulic jacks lift the building by a maximum of 2mm on to a series of steel and post-tensioned concrete beams. These will protect the Category-1 listed heritage building from damage while CRL infrastructure is built underneath.

The load transfer of the CPO’s western (front) façade was completed this week and the remainder of the building is expected to be transferred onto the underpinning frames by early September.
Excavation exposes old building foundation
Recent excavation work has exposed the existing foundations of Britomart’s 106-year-old CPO building.

Records are being taken for heritage and posterity reasons before the old foundations are removed and the excavation progresses deeper underground.

The CPO is now being supported by a new underpinning structure on new foundations.
Customs St tunnel excavation underway
Thanks to a concrete bridge deck constructed over the Customs/Albert St intersection last year, motorists and pedestrians can continue to move across it while CRL contractor Connectus JV excavates underneath.

Last month, an initial five-metre-deep excavation was made across the entire intersection to expose the piled wall to the neighbouring Commercial Bay development site. Over the next few months, the excavation will continue to about 13 metres in depth, after which breakthrough will be made to the CRL tunnels being built at Commercial Bay.

Construction of the tunnel structure is expected to start later this year and a full connection made between the two construction sites by autumn 2019.
Jeffie arrives on site at Mt Eden
‘Jeffie’, the mini tunnel boring machine that will pipe-jack a replacement stormwater line at Mt Eden ahead of CRL tunnelling works, has arrived in Auckland.

A German-built Herrenknecht AVN machine, Jeffie was sent to New Zealand from her base in Toulouse, France. Her somewhat unusual name came via a hugely popular CRL Facebook naming contest. The most popular name was Jeff (from the famous line “My name is Jeff” of 22 Jump Street movie fame) but traditionally female names are adopted for machinery, so Jeffie was chosen.

In October, Jeffie is expected to start work, simultaneously excavating and laying a replacement 400-metre section of stormwater pipe between Water Street and the Ruru Street. The existing stormwater main lies in the way of the future CRL tunnels at Mt Eden.
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Piling works begin at Water Street
Piling works have begun at the end of Water St ahead of CRL’s Mt Eden stormwater realignment works.

Contractor March Bessac Joint Venture (MBJV) is installing 89 piles to support the ground before it starts construction of the 17m-deep shaft that will launch Jeffie on her pipe-jacking mission. Work on the Water St shaft is expected to begin later this month, with all piling works completed in early September.

In addition to the stormwater realignment, pollutant traps are being installed at Boston and Normandy Roads as part of the stormwater network improvements for Auckland. They will capture large and non-biodegradable waste such as litter and coarse sediment to prevent it reaching waterways.
CRL 'Waka Train' heads to Mt Eden 
The latest CRL hoardings have been installed in Mt Eden. If you're on a Western Line train between Grafton and Mt Eden, take a little peak out of the window.

The design - 'Te Waka Tūhono' - represents the connection of traditional knowledge with today’s technology, the sharing of stories that have influenced design and the journey that has resulted.
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Latest archaeological finds
Four new archaeological artefacts have been found by CRL contractors during excavations under Britomart’s Chief Post Office building and Lower Queen Street.

The items include an embossed Lea & Perrins condiment bottle, a Champion’s Vinegar bottle and two ‘champagne style’ bottles – all from the mid-1800s.

Read the full newsletter for more information about these artefacts or click here for information on our earlier archaeological finds.
Pedestrian bridges offer great view of tunnel progress
Anyone wanting to see CRL’s Albert St tunnels taking shape can get a great view from the project’s Wyndham St pedestrian bridge.
Anyone crossing Albert St at this location is treated to a view 18 metres down into the CRL trench, where the tunnel boxes are being constructed by contractor Connectus Joint Venture.

To date, 108 metres of tunnel box wall and 156 metres of floor have been completed and Connectus has now started building the first sections of roof.
Click here to watch drone footage of the Albert St tunnel works
Check out the latest project information online
CRL’s website is full of great project information, videos and photos to keep you up to date on progress.
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