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Construction: Karangahape Station

Construction: Karangahape Station

Rail is coming uptown to Karangahape Road.

This page gives you the background to City Rail Link work in the area and lists construction updates.

When CRL opens in 2024, the Karangahape Road area will have a new architecturally-designed station, making it easier and quicker for more people to travel to and from the K Road area.

This new station, with entrances on Mercury Lane (next to the Mercury Theatre) and Beresford Square, will be the deepest on the CRL network at 32 metres underground.

Karangahape Station works will start in 2020.

A single Alliance is delivering the main CRL works - the stations and tunnels.

The Link Alliance consists of Vinci Construction Grands Projets S.A.S., Downer NZ Ltd, Soletanche Bachy International NZ Limited, WSP Opus (NZ) Limited, AECOM New Zealand Limited and Tonkin + Taylor Limited.


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Introduction to the City Rail Link

It's the City Rail Link - not a loop!

The stations

How we are working with the K Rd community

Site establishment works

A history of K Road

A new look Queen Street

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Our partnership with Mana Whenua

The tunnels

Upcoming utility works


Before can we start constructing Karangahape Station, we need to determine the exact location of underground utility services that are currently sitting within or near the station’s underground footprint, so we can safely relocate them out of the way.

What’s going to happen?

There are 10 utility investigations required, seven in Beresford Square where the Karangahape Station’s second entrance will be built, two in Mercury Lane near the intersection of Cross Street (the location of the main entrance to the future station) and one outside 51 Pitt Street.

The work will involve creating a trench across the footpath and onto the road, cutting into the concrete, removing the surface layers of ground material and excavating to carefully reveal the utilities laying underneath. Each trench will be about six metres long by 300mm wide by 1.5 metres deep. The utility services will then be surveyed and the trench back-filled and compacted.

The plant and equipment used on site will include a concrete saw, small excavator, hydro-excavation truck and a six-wheeler truck. The investigations will be undertaken by utility services contractor Stockmans.

When will this work happen?

The first investigation was on the footpath outside Barretta Espresso Café in Beresford Square on the weekend of 3-4 August. The remaining investigations are likely to start two or three weeks later and we’ll be able to confirm the dates for these shortly.

Stockmans expects to take one to two days at each trench location. The hours of work will be 7am to 7pm.

How will this affect me?

Aspects of the work, such as concrete-cutting, hydro-excavation and compacting, will create some noise and vibration. Noise mats will be used around the trenches to help reduce noise nuisance.

These works will not affect property access. However, some pedestrian diversions will be required around the trench sites and some on-street parking will be temporarily unavailable during the works.

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When works are being undertaken on the Barretta Café/Karangahape Business Association side of Beresford Square, we will need to temporarily close the exit to Pitt Street at the end of the square to vehicles and remove about seven carparking spaces on that side.

However, when work is being undertaken on the (Samoa House) side of Beresford Square, the road will remain open and parking will still be available on the Barretta Café side. About five parks are likely to be unavailable on the Samoa House side while works are underway on that side of the square.

For safety reasons, the two Mercury Lane investigations will involve a partial road closure, as the trenches will be slightly longer and extend into the road. However, vehicle access will be maintained, including in to and out of Cross Street. About four on-street parks will be temporarily removed from the western side of Mercury Lane while the work takes place.

During the Pitt Street investigation, about seven on-street parking spaces will be temporarily unavailable.

We are hoping to do a mix of weekend and weekday investigations to enable us to complete them as quickly as possible while not inconveniencing local businesses and residents any more than is necessary. We will work with business owners to try to find the most suitable days to undertake the works outside their premises.

Fact sheet

Other works coming up this year

After the utility investigations are complete and before we can start work on building the station, we need to relocate all the utility services that are currently sitting within the station’s underground footprint. These works are currently scheduled to start in October this year and will take place in Beresford Square, Pitt Street and Mercury Lane.

The Link Alliance is currently reviewing the design of its underground station structures to see if it can reduce the number of utility relocations required to minimise the impact of these disruptive works on the local community. We will provide more details about relocations once our plans are finalised.

In October, we’ll close Beresford Square permanently (between Samoa House Lane and Pitt Street) to vehicles. This will enable us to undertake the relocations more quickly and safely. The square will remain open to pedestrians and cyclists.

Other work happening at this time includes removing some trees within the square that are in the path of our utility diversions and relocating the toilet located outside the old Station Bar.

Beresford Square will eventually house the second entrance to Karangahape Station and will be re-designed as a great public space - but until then, we encourage the K Road community and our own workers to continue supporting local businesses during construction.

Future demolition works

Before the end of the year, we will start demolishing a number of vacant buildings at the bottom of Mercury Lane and East Street so we can start station construction in 2020.

Demolition in the area marked in red below, including the Mercury Plaza, is expected to begin at the end of this year. These works are expected to take two to three months to complete.

Understanding how people could be affected by the demolitions enables us to develop the most robust plans to help mitigate the impacts of these works on the local community.

We consulted with property owners and occupiers adjoining the demolition area to better understand what activities are taking place in their buildings and how the demolition works might affect those living and working in the area.

These meetings helped us to develop a Social Impact & Business Disruption Delivery Work Plan and other construction management plans that deal with the effects of demolition - such as noise, dust, access and parking disruption. The Karangahape CLG also provided input and the management plans have been approved by Auckland Council.

Karangahape Station consent plans can be found at this link below


If you have any questions or concerns about these works, please email or phone 0800 CRL TALK and press option 4 for Karangahape Station works.