City Rail Link
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Mt Eden CRL work kicks off



City Rail Link construction work is getting underway in Mount Eden for the first time.

Contractors will  be diverting a section of the existing Mt Eden stormwater pipe and creating a new alignment between Water and Nikau Streets to help CRL create a redeveloped Mt Eden train station.

The existing stormwater pipe is in the path of the new CRL tunnels that will be built at Mt Eden.

The project has already bought more than two hectares of land around the station .

All the surface work for the stormwater diversion will be on CRL-owned property with minimal effect on traffic.

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Stormwater realignment works

Shafts at Water and Ruru Streets launch and receive the micro tunnel boring machine that will install the replacement stormwater line. The tunnel will be completed in a single drive from Water to Ruru Streets.  A third shaft at Mt Eden Rd will provide future access to the main via a manhole.

This work is expected to be completed by autumn 2019.

The shafts

Water St (launch)

  • 16m deep secant pile construction

  • 8.5m internal diameter

Mt Eden Rd (access)

  • 18m deep

  • 2.5m internal diameter

Ruru St (receiving)

  • 15m deep shaft

  • 9.4m internal diameter

Micro-tunnel boring machine

The tunneling will be done by a German-built Herrenknecht AVN machine. You can read about how it works here.

The machine was named Jeffie following a hugely popular CRL social naming contest. The most popular name was Jeff but traditionally such machines adopt a female name so Jeffie - a popular girls name in the early 1900s- was chosen.

Naming digging equipment after women is said to be a tradition that dates to the 1500s when miners prayed to to St. Barbara to keep them safe underground.

Saint Barbara is the patron saint of armourers, artillerymen, military engineers, miners and others who work with explosives because her legend associated her with lightning.

In December 2018, a blessing was held for Jeffie.

  WORKERS: The MBJV team


  BORING: This micro-tunnel boring machine will install the new stormwater pipe

BORING: This micro-tunnel boring machine will install the new stormwater pipe

Demolition works

Before the stormwater diversion, CRL needed to demolish apartments at 26 Mt Eden Road and the former Hyde Group building on the corner of Nikau and Ruru Streets.

Mt Eden apartments demolition 4 May 2018  5.jpg

A rock breaker will be used at Nikau St to break through a layer of rock that has been identified in boring investigations.  

Lava from the Mt Eden volcano is present in the area of the work and until work begins, there is no certainty about how tough the ground will be to break.