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Mt Eden Demolition Works Updates

Mt Eden DEMOLITION works


This page gives you the background to the future demolition of CRL-owned properties in the Mt Eden area.

A large construction site needs to be established for the Mount Eden station redevelopment. This includes the building of a modern station building and the new CRL line.

We have been consulting with property owners/occupiers adjoining the demolition area to better understand the local context, what activities are taking place and how the works might affect those living and working in the area. These meetings have helped us to develop a draft Social Impact & Business Disruption Delivery Work Plan and other construction management plans that deal with the effects of demolition - such as noise, dust, access and parking disruption.

CRL’s Mount Eden Community Liaison Group ( CLG) has also provided valuable input and feedback on these draft plans. These are being submitted to Auckland Council for approval.

Understanding how people could be affected enables us to develop the most robust plans to help mitigate the impacts of demolition works on the local community.

We are expecting demolition to start sometime in mid-2019, after the main station and tunnels (C3) contract has been awarded.

AREA: This is the area required for CRL construction

GOING: These are the CRL-owned buildings that will be demolished