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Construction: Mt Eden-Eden Terrace

Construction: Mt Eden-Eden Terrace

This section gives you the background to City Rail Link work in the Mt Eden area and construction updates.

Construction of Mt Eden station

The Link Alliance will be delivering the tunnels and stations of the City Rail Link. Over the next six months we’re getting ready for the main construction with preparatory works.

This work involves:

  • Soft-strip and salvage work within the Mt Eden demolition area – for about three months from August. As part of CRL’s sustainability commitment, Link Alliance will first look to salvage re-usuable materials from the CRL-owned buildings in Mt Eden before they are demolished.

  • Establishing a temporary site office at 97k Mt Eden Road (next to existing station ramp)

  • Identifying and removing any asbestos found in the buildings to be demolished between August and October

  • Erecting hoardings around the sites for demolition in September

  • Demolishing CRL-owned buildings from September to Q1 2020 (approx.)

  • Starting utility investigations on the corner of Nikau and Flower Streets (where the CRL tunnel portal will be constructed) and by the Mt Eden Road bridge in approximately Oct/Nov 2019.

  • Utility relocations in those areas in December.

Portal works, including piling and ground retention for the tunnel entrance, are expected to start in early 2020.


Demolition is expected to start this September, commencing at the corner of Nikau and Flower Streets (where the CRL tunnel portal will be located and the tunnel boring machine launched) and demolishing the block bounded by Shaddock and Ruru Streets.

The main impacts of the demolition works will be noise, vibration, construction traffic, dust, some parking removal around perimeter of the site.

The Link Alliance will work with its contractors to mitigate the impacts of these works as much as practicably possible. This will start with the education of our work team and contractors in mitigation measures prior to the start works, so that the impact of the work on the surrounding neighbours is always front of mind.

Practical on-site mitigation measures will include noise barriers/mats, pulverising concrete (rather than the noisier concrete breaking method), using water to suppress dust, washing wheels before trucks head out onto local roads, crushing concrete on site to reduce truck movements on the roads, incentivising workers to use public transport to get to and from work and providing on-site parking for our workforce so they don’t take up on-street parking spaces in surrounding streets.

The Link Alliance is working through some considerations for the construction footprint with Auckland Council and Auckland Transport to create a safer and more workable site. These include:

  • installing hoardings to help minimise noise & dust for neighbouring properties and create a visual barrier from the works

  • closing Ruru Street (located in the middle of the demolition sites) to create a safer environment. Traffic will go down Nikau & Flower Streets instead

  • consenting the removal of some on-street parking south of Nikau, west of Flower & north of Shaddock to better accommodate the physical constraints of construction

  • consenting the on-site installation of a concrete crusher (which will be situated next to the rail corridor to reduce noise for properties neighbouring the demolition site). This would provide two clear environmental benefits: reducing concrete waste that would otherwise need to be trucked off-site and enabling us to re-use the crushed material for temporary roads within the construction site.

We are also in discussions with AT about truck access and egress routes, public transport movements and cycling infrastructure and traffic modelling, to ensure that our work has as little impact as possible on the local roading network.

If you have questions about the Mt Eden Station works by the Link Alliance, contact us on 0800 CRL TALK and choose option 5, or email us on

Stormwater diversion works

City Rail Link's C6 contract involved diverting a section of the existing Mt Eden stormwater pipe.

This created a new alignment between Water and Nikau Streets to enable CRL's redevelopment of the Mt Eden train station. The existing stormwater pipe was in the path of the new CRL tunnels. This work is nearing completion. 


Consent plans can be found at this link below


If you have any questions or concerns about these works, please email or phone 0800 CRL TALK (0800 275 8255) and press 5 — but if it is related to the stormwater works, press 6.