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Public transport growth today


The growth in rail travel is a success story for Auckland. Every passenger commuting to work by train is one less car on the road during peak hour travel. Last year we achieved the milestone of 20 million passenger trips a year, four years ahead of schedule.
— Auckland's Mayor Phil Goff (July 2018)

The growth in Auckland public transport patronage and services continues

Rail growth

  • Auckland's rail boardings totalled 20.2 million for the 12 months to May 2018, an increase of 4.4%, or 0.8 million boardings, on the 12 months to May 2017. Overall  public transport boardings totalled 92.4 million  for the 12 months to May 2018, an increase of 5.5% on the previous 12 months

  • Between 2003 and 2017 Auckland’s population grew 28 per cent, yet public transport patronage increased by 63 per cent − more than double the population growth
  • In Feb 2014, annual rail patronage had been 10.9 million
  • In Feb 2016, it was 15.8 million, a 45% increase in just two years
  • In April 2016, it passed 16.2 million
  • In 2015 alone, rail patronage increased 22.9 per cent or 2.9 million trips to total 15.4 million trips
  • The patronage target of 20 million trips per year, originally set by the government for funding of the CRL, was achieved at the end of 2016 three years ahead of schedule
  • About every four months, an extra million trips are being added to the patronage total – 3.5m in total a year.

Auckland's rail patronage from 2010

                  Auckland Transport graph

                  Auckland Transport graph

Public transport growth

  • We have seen public transport patronage rocket to 92 million trips per year – unprecedented numbers of Aucklanders are getting out of their cars
  • In 2017, another milestone was achieved as the 90 million trips made on buses, trains and ferries over the past 12 months made it the biggest 12-month number for public transport in the city since 1956
  • Overall public transport totalled 92.0 million boardings for the 12 months to April 2018, an increase of 6.1%, or 5.3 million boardings, on the 12 months to April 2017.
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Cycling growth

  • 53 km of cycleways are being built by 2018, and we’re seeing resurgence in cycling. A record breaking 430,000 rides were recorded in March 2018, up 13.5 per cent on the previous year, according to data collected by Auckland Transport.      

Bus patronage growth

  • Bus boardings totalled 65.2 million for the 12 months to February 2018, an increase of 6.8 percent, or 4.1 million boardings, on the 12 months to February 2017

  • Buses are proving so popular, double decker buses have been introduced including on the main arterial routes such as on Mt Eden Road.

Ferry services grow

  • Aucklanders are discovering ferries so more services have been added and to more places.

Public transport improvements

  • In the south and across Auckland, AT has been introducing its new network – meaning bus, ferry and train schedules are compatible with each other and are better suited to the needs of Aucklanders
  • To support the new more connected public transport network across Auckland, Auckland Transport has redesigned the current fare stage system and introduced a Simplified Zone Fare system. Integrated ticketing meant you pay one fare for your entire journey rather than paying separately for each leg
  • The proportion of all trips using AT HOP was 84.9% in February 2018 (bus 90.3%, rail 83.6%, ferry 36.6%); up from 82.4% in January 2018.

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