City Rail Link

Safety - Purpose



Our Health & Safety Strategy sets out our vision for the safe and harm free delivery of City Rail Link (CRL).

We recognize and respect our legal and moral obligations to protect all those involved in the construction and use of the new railway, and to take this opportunity to protect and enhance the environment in which we work.

CRL aspires to health & safety excellence in everything we do. Our strategy sets out what this means in practice, what values we adopt to guide us in our pursuit of that vision.

Sean Sweeney CRL CEO at Britomart construction area in safety gear 6 March 2019

CRL CEO Dr Sean Sweeney: “We’re committed to drive lasting changes in safety and health”.

“The delivery of CRL provides an important opportunity to set new standards in health & safety for the New Zealand construction industry. There has been amazing progress made in recent years to deliver lasting improvements to safe working practices, but we know there is always more to be done, and we can never be complacent. Too often, workers are seriously injured on construction sites. Over the years there have been numerous immeasurable tragedies for families, for friends and for colleagues. We know that everyone has the right to go home safely at the end of each day.”

“CRL is committed to working with industry to drive lasting changes in safety and health, and to ensure that we maintain and enhance the environment we are working in.”

“We set out in this strategy our vision for safety, health and environment - Mahia te mahi, hei painga hei oranga mo tātou katoa – To do the work for the good of everyone - and we describe the values that we use to hold ourselves to account in pursuit of this vision.”

We will place active consideration of safety and health at the heart of every decision. It will be evident in our actions, our thoughts and our behaviours.

“On this journey, working in partnership with our suppliers, we will adopt safety management practices which allow us to learn from where things have gone wrong, as well as where they have gone well. We will look to use safety improvements which have proven to be successful elsewhere, and to build on them further.”

“Fundamentally, the responsibility for the safe delivery of CRL lies with everyone that is involved, in whatever way, in building it. We therefore empower everyone to take time to understand their responsibilities, and to acknowledge and act on their individual commitment to our vision. Together we can make a lasting and significant change for future generations.”