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Social outcomes

Social Outcomes


While the largest transport infrastructure project in New Zealand gets built, CRL has the opportunity to effect positive change in the lives of Aucklanders.

CRL will be seeking social outcomes during the delivery phase of the project, that have lasting positive effects on the communities of Auckland, Tāmaki Makaurau: creating training and employment; providing supply chain opportunities and engaging our future workforce.

We have developed this Social Outcomes Strategy to set out the project’s vision, to connect people to real opportunities through employment, training and social innovation.

  • Maximising training and employment opportunities for those experiencing barriers or disadvantage in the labour market, with a focus on Mana Whenua, other Māori, Pasifika and Youth

  • Building capacity and capability in the workforce by upskilling and reskilling

  • Creating opportunities for work experience (paid and unpaid)

  • Providing supply chain opportunities for Māori and Pasifika small and medium-sized enterprises, social enterprises and socially innovative businesses

  • Developing the skills and knowledge base of Tāmaki Makaurau through collaborations with local schools, communities, training providers and other government agencies.

The CRL Social Outcomes Approach provides more information about the strategy.

The following graph shows an estimate of the number of people over time required to deliver the remaining contract packages shown by trade. This graph is being shared to enable training providers, those thinking about their future careers, agencies involved in supporting those not in employment, education or training and the wider industry and community to understand the scale of opportunity.

The project will work with delivery partners to achieve training and employment outcomes for those experiencing barriers, disadvantage or discrimination in the labour market and to promote social innovation through procurement.

CRL is forming, developing and strengthening relationships with Mana Whenua, government agencies, community groups and education providers to address the current skills shortage and ensure that its future workforce is ready to go when opportunities become available.