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Food Alley

Food Alley is an Auckland institution. In 1992 it became Auckland’s first dedicated Asian food hall, offering Aucklanders a variety of authentic Eastern flavours.

There are 12 eateries at Food Alley – with specialised menus that reflect either a country, region or signature dishes.

We are proud to offer so much variety under one roof, with cuisine options including Thai, Indian, Malaysian, Indonesian, Korean, Japanese, Isaan, Vietnamese and a licenced bar.

Please get in touch with our eateries directly – all cook fresh and can cater for special events.

Indian Spice (Indian) Ph 09 302 0440

Wang Thong (Thai Curry and Stir fry ) Ph 09 309 7779

Vietnamese Fusion (Vietnamese) Ph 09 368 7182

Thai E Sarn (North Eastern Thai/ Laos) Ph 09 302 0825

Seoul Seoul (Korean) Ph 09 369 5001

Malaysian Noodles Ph 09 359 5949

Umaiya (Japanese bento and sushi) Ph 09 368 1567

Kampung Delight (Malaysian Curry & Roti (Halal)

Thai Noodles (Thai Noodles and soup ) Ph 09 368 5929

Wardani (Indonesian (Halal) Ph 09 309 6941

Taro (Japanese ramen and donburi)


9 Albert Street, Auckland 1010
Ph 09 373 4917




Monday - Sunday: 10.30am – 9.30pm