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Construction: Albert Street - Upper Area


This page details work in the upper Albert Street area including between Wellesley and Victoria Streets -followed by the latest notifications.

Our Albert Street works – also referred to as Contract 2 (C2) - are being undertaken by Connectus, a McConnell Dowell and Downer joint venture.

C2 started with the relocation of a major stormwater line in Albert Street between Swanson and Wellesley Streets and the strengthening and bridging of a section of the Orakei Sewer Main at the intersection of Victoria Street and Albert Street.

Since then, Connectus has also completed a ‘cut and cover’ trench down the middle of Albert Street between Wyndham Street and Customs Street and has almost finished building the twin underground rail tunnels inside it.

Canopy removal works between Victoria & Wellesley Streets

Connectus is also responsible for a separate portion of work that involves the removal of canopies from four buildings (AA, Manhattan Apartments, SkyCity and Auckland Council) located on the western side of Albert Street between Victoria and Wellesley Streets.  

These canopies must be removed to provide future access for a large piling rig to install the 20-metre-long piles that will provide ground support for the new Aotea Station. The canopy works are expected to be completed in about October 2019. 

Link Alliance Early Works

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A single Alliance is delivering the main CRL works - the stations and tunnels.. City Rail Link and the Link Alliance negotiated a $75m Early Works Contract.

There will be utility investigations starting September. These will take a month to complete.

Utility diversions start at the Wyndham Street end of Albert Street. They will be completed in stages from the end of August 2019 until mid-2000.

Seven canopy removals will take place between December 2019 until Q2 2020. These will be at various locations along Albert Street and at the corner of Victoria and Wellesley Streets.

At the present Bledisloe car park, the CRL site will be established in Q4 2019.

Piling and D-wall construction for the Aotea Station- ground support starts Q2 2020.

Location of utility investigations

Below are indicative locations of trial trenches to investigate service locations. Small work areas will be set up at each location to complete the works.

Utility investigations

  • About 12 investigations are needed between Wyndham and Wellesley Streets to pinpoint the location of existing underground utility services to help design their relocation ahead of the construction of the new Aotea Station.

  • By confirming our assumptions about where exactly those utilities lie, we de-risk the utility diversion works by providing a safer and more robust design for our contractors.

  • At each of the locations, there will be about two days work.

  • We anticipate there could be some noise from the concrete cutting, minor excavations and Hydrovac machines which suck the material from the services.

  • Noise mats will help buffer the ground-floor businesses and pedestrians from that work-related noise.

Utility diversions

We need to divert utility services because:

  • Some services clash with the alignment of the piles that will support the station structure

  • There is insufficient space for utilities infrastructure between the underground roof of the station and road level

  • It’s safer to excavate and construct the station with all the utility services out of the way.

Managing the utility diversions

  • These diversions can be noisy and disruptive so we will work to manage any negative impacts as practicably as possible.

  • Property access will be maintained. However, there may be times when we need to liaise with businesses about the timing of works to minimise any disruption such as at weekends or evenings.

  • There may be times pedestrians need to be re-routed around works happening on the footpaths.

  • We will use water-filled barriers and temporary fencing wherever possible to maintain visibility for businesses.


Management plans

  • A suite of management plans are required by the CRL designation and the regional resource consent to manage the effects of construction.

  • The management plans are developed by subject matter experts on areas such as traffic, access and parking, noise and vibration, social impact and business disruption, air quality, contamination and trees and vegetation.

  • The plans will undergo an independent peer review and be lodged with Auckland Council. We hope this will be finished by the end of August so we can start the relocation works.

  • Consent documents related to this area, once approved, can be seen her

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Latest Notifications

19 July 2019

The rail tunnel boxes from Wyndham Street through to Customs Street are complete.

Our final stage is to rebuild the footpath, starting at the Wyndham Street West side from St Patrick's Square.

The backfilling of the trench continues, together with steel struts and concrete traffic and working deck removal. 

Note: The loading zones or P5 stops are available at the locations mentioned below:

  • 3 P5 bays and one disabled space outside the Quay West building

  • 3 bays on Mills Lane behind the Stamford Hotel

  • 3 bays on Albert Street in front of the Stamford Hotel

  • And 1 bay on Swanson Street outside Park Residences

While we are undertaking the final streetscape works starting on Wyndham Street, we are providing three bays of temporary loading zone on Albert Street outside the Good To Go grocery store.


Albert Street Western side, from Wyndham to Swanson Street

The pile demolition and the construction of the tree pits continue.

Noise mitigation will be in place.

The noise will be reduced during lunch trading hours from 12.30pm until 1.30pm where possible.

Albert Street, from Swanson to Wolfe Street

The steel struts and concrete traffic and working deck are being lifted out by crane. There may be some short traffic disruption as trucks are manoeuvring into and out of site.

Albert Street, from Wolfe to Customs Street

The watermain upgrade along Albert Street West continues. The steel struts, concrete traffic and working deck will then be removed.

Sunday 21 July

Albert Street West - between Wolfe and Customs Street

Two redundant poles are being removed - one outside Food Alley and one outside Ronnie's Cafe. We are not expecting noticeable noise to come from this and they will be taken away in the evening.

Monday 22 July to Second Week of August

Albert Street West - between Wyndham and Swanson Streets

The team will be removing the old footpath on the Shakespeare Hotel side of Wyndham Street and Albert Street.
We will start removing the footpath from outside the CityMart Convenience Store.

Pedestrian access will be diverted but maintained.

The gas line at the corner of Albert and Wyndham Street will be completed by Wednesday 24 July.

Noise mitigation will be in place, and will be reduced during trading hours from 12.30pm to 1.30pm where possible.

If you have a business in this area, it's best to put your rubbish on the St Patrick's lane side so rubbish trucks can get easy access.

Monday 22 July

Albert Street West - between Wolfe and Customs Streets

We are continuing to install new water mains and telecommunications cables, together with other shallow utility services.

Noise mitigation will be in place.

The noise will be reduced during lunch trading hours from 12.30pm until 1.30pm where possible.

Consent plans can be found at this link below