City Rail Link
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Videos: Latest look inside the Albert St trenches

Videos: Latest look inside the Albert St trenches


These two time-lapse videos show a six-month sequence of the City Rail Link tunnel box being built underneath Albert Street. One camera faces south, and the other faces northern Albert St (downhill).

The different stages of the Connectus works include: excavating spoil, 100 years old stormwater pipe demolition, installing temporary ground support, steel fixing, waterproofing, concreting, and finally tunnel formation.

More than 90 per cent of the CRL Albert Street Connectus trench excavation is now complete. The CRL tunnel box being built inside the trench is also progressing, with 204 metres of floor, 156 metres of walls and 72 metres of roof completed so far.

Once the full 350-metre length of tunnel box is completed, the trench will be back-filled and Albert St reinstated.

Excavation is also continuing under the Albert/Customs St intersection, with the installation of supports for the trench walls and the removal of an old stormwater pump chamber.

This work paves the way for construction of the tunnel box sections that will eventually link the Albert St trench to the CRL tunnels being built under the neighbouring Commercial Bay development. Construction of the tunnel structure under the intersection is expected to start later this year, with a full connection being made to Commercial Bay by mid-2019.

VIDEO: Construction - Albert Street North trench

VIDEO: Construction - Albert Street South trench