City Rail Link
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Watch the latest CRL Construction in action

Watch the latest CRL Construction in action


Watch the latest City Rail Link (CRL) construction in action - in these time-lapse videos.

Construction status: Lower Queen Street and Britomart (former Chief Post Office building)

On Lower Queen Street, CRL has started excavating the 14-metre deep trench that will contain the project's twin rail tunnels between Britomart Station and the Commercial Bay development.

This follows two years of preparation work to protect Britomart's historic Chief Post Office building and support the ground before the trenching and tunnel construction began.

A single 25-metre trench will be excavated on Lower Queen Street and two 10-metre wide trenches under the Chief Post Office building.

Tunnel box construction will start at the location at the end of this year. The weight transfer of the building onto a series of underpinning frames is near completion.

Commercial Bay tunnels

Albert Street

Tunnel excavation has begun under the Albert Street and Customs Street intersection.

The work paves the way for construction of the tunnel box section that will eventually link the Albert Street trench to the tunnels being built under the Commercial Bay development.

Due to the concrete bridge deck constructed over the intersection a year ago, traffic flow will be unaffected by the excavation occurring underneath.

Construction of the tunnel structure is expected to start in this area later this year with full connection being made by the autumn of next year.

More than 72 percent of the trench excavation is now complete.