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Members of the group represent the local community from Britomart (Contract 1 or C1) to Albert Street as far as Wyndham Street (Contract 2 or C2).

The early works CLG was established in February 2015.

The group have met regularly to discuss and input into a variety of Delivery Work Plans (DWPs) and Construction Environmental Management Plans (CEMPs) in preparation for the early works construction. The group will continue to meet throughout construction.

Keep up to date with meeting minutes here:

Early works establishing meeting
- 10 February 2015 (PDF 2.8MB)

Construction Communication and Consultation Plan review
– 8 September 2015 (PDF 48KB)

Air Quality (C2) and Contamination DWP (C2)
- 27 October 2015 (PDF 106KB)

Archaeology (C1 and C2) Heritage (C1 and C2) and Contamination, Groundwater and Settlement Monitoring and Contingency Plan (C2)
- 24 November 2015 (PDF 108KB)

Programme and Approach - 9 June 2015 (PDF 51KB)

Erosion and Sediment Control Plan (C1) Chemical Treatment Management Plan (C1), Industrial and Trade Activities Environmental Management Plan (C1) and Construction Environmental Management Plan (C1) – 19 January 2016 (PDF 65KB)

Conditions and Urban Design
- 10 March 2015 (PDF 65KB)

Urban Design Review – 11 August 2015 (PDF KB)

Construction Environmental Management Plan (C2)
and Noise and Vibration DWP (C2)
- 13 October 2015 (PDF 90KB)

Public Art (C1 and C2), Trees and vegetation (C1 and C2),
Erosion and Sediment Control (C2), Chemical Treatment Management (C2),
Industrial and Trade Activities Environmental Management Plan (C2) Emergency Spill Response Plan (C2)
– 10 November 2015 (PDF 137KB)

Social Disruption and Business Impacts (C2) and
Construction Noise and Vibration (C1)
- 8 December 2015 (PDF 150KB)