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CRL Social Outcomes Approach



He waka eke noa, we are all in this together

1. Context

The City Rail Link (CRL) social outcomes strategy responds to a number of NZ construction industry challenges, including: the labour and skills shortage; the need for more trades and engineering graduates; a lack of supply chain diversity and an aging workforce;

The strategy recognises and responds to the high proportion of young people not in employment, education or training and the principle of social investment.

Similar infrastructure projects in other countries have successfully achieved social outcomes through:

  • providing apprenticeships, traineeships and employment for indigenous people (Australia);

  • working with a broad spectrum of partners (including pre-employment support agencies to ensure work readiness) and funders to provide jobs to local people;

  • creating a job brokerage service and skills hub;

  • improving diversity in the industry by focusing on employment opportunities for women, black, Asian and minority ethnic peoples and persons with disabilities (United Kingdom).

  • community engagement where the contractor is required to provide a community investment plan customised to each specific community, their local stakeholders and an innovation fund.

2. Objectives

The CRL social outcomes strategy is about people and creating a diverse and inclusive workforce which will benefit Aucklanders and the communities they live in. It is about making meaningful connections with people in Tāmaki Makaurau and creating genuine employment, training and development opportunities for people who are experiencing barriers or disadvantage in the labour market. It is about investing in the future by connecting young people with career options.  It is also about promoting and engaging socially innovative businesses and social enterprises.

CRL will work with delivery partners to achieve training and employment outcomes for those experiencing barriers, disadvantage or discrimination in the labour market and promote social innovation through procurement. CRL is committed to promoting a culture of equity, inclusion and diversity through:

Employment for target and focus groups that provides:

  • individual career development plans;

  • apprenticeships or equivalent pathways; and

  • upskilling and reskilling that equips people for the present and future.

Training for target and focus groups that will:

  • build their confidence and competence;

  • provide them with relevant work ready skills; and

  • significantly improve their chances of gaining quality employment in the construction, infrastructure and rail industries.

Social Innovation by:

  • providing supply chain opportunities for Māori and Pasifika small and medium-size enterprises, social enterprises and socially innovative businesses.

Supporting our future workforce by:

  • raising awareness with schools and their students about careers in construction and infrastructure and supporting foundation knowledge and skills.

This strategy targets those people experiencing barriers or discrimination in the workforce. CRL has created a focus group of Mana Whenua, Māori, Pasifika and Youth within the target group. 


3. Implementation

CRL delivery partners’ requirements will be outlined in the various contracts. In general, CRL will ask delivery partners to deliver on the strategy and provide:

a)          employment, training and apprenticeships for target and focus groups;
b)          development plans for each worker in these target and focus groups;
c)          supply chain opportunities for Māori and Pasifika small and medium sized enterprises, social enterprises and socially innovative businesses;
d)          reporting on staff career development, pastoral care and general wellbeing; and
e)          reporting on progress of social initiatives outlining the benefit.

CRL has been creating and building on its relationships with Mana Whenua, government agencies, education providers and delivery partners. It is through the support and goodwill of these organisations that we can make a genuine positive contribution to the people of Tāmaki Makaurau.

He waka eke noa, we are all in this together

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