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Fortunately, much of the land required to build and operate the CRL is located below roads or on property already owned by Auckland Transport or Auckland Council.

To be able to construct the CRL, 88 surface properties and land from about 200 below ground (sub strata) were identified as required for the route as it was determined.

Land owners own that land right through to the centre of the earth. So to construct tunnels for CRL below ground, land is required to be purchased requiring a process of negotiation between AT and affected landowners.

The Public Works Act sets out the process for negotiation to acquire land, endeavouring to provide a fair and equitable outcome for property owners.

The acquisition process takes place after all required consents for the use of the land have been granted, or a designation has been provided for by the territorial authority.

After the designation of the land required to build and operate the City Rail Link (CRL) was confirmed, Auckland Council contacted all affected property owners about the designation.

Much of the land required to build and operate the CRL is located below roads or on property already owned by AT or Auckland Council. This contributes to minimising effects of the project on landowners and occupants.

Some of the surface land required is for only a period of time during construction.

On 10 November 2015, following six appeals heard in the Environment Court, the CRL designation was confirmed.

Read the CRL designation conditions (PDF 5MB)

Property purchase programme

Features of the property purchase programme:

  • Property purchase was initiated in a staged approach in July 2013 and is expected to conclude in 2018
  • Surface property purchases are complete and underground property purchases are underway
  • Partial surface acquisition and Temporary occupation agreements will be initiated in early 2018
  • CRLL will seek to buy property on a willing seller/willing buyer basis
  • If agreement cannot be reached within a reasonable time, CRLL will seek to acquire the property compulsorily under the Public Works Act.

The Public Works Act sets out processes to be followed and the basis for compensation:

  • The staged approach to acquisition means landowners should contact CRLL about the timing of instructing any advisors for advice
  • Once negotiations are initiated, landowners are advised of their rights to independent legal and valuation advice
  • Information on the Public Works Act and landowner rights is available at

More information for property owners

Read here or download

Information for Albert Street owners and residents
– November 2012 (PDF 370KB)

Landowner Presentation - Surface - July 2012 (PDF 3.7MB)

A guide for people affected by land purchase and compensation (PDF 2.36MB)

Adjacent owners briefing September 2012 (PDF 5MB)

Landowner Presentation - Sub-surface – July 2012 (PDF 4.2MB)

More background documents

Auckland Council District Plan modification 68-71 Operative Auckland City - Central Area Section 2005

Type: Notices of requirement 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Note: plan modifications 346, 347, 348 and 349 to the Isthmus District Plan are included on this page.

Description: City Rail Link

Affected map: Map 6

Map 6 (PDF 852KB)

Appendices: Appendix 11. Note: Appendix 11 has not been updated to reflect the decision version now under appeal.

Refer to Conditions (PDF 5MB)

Current status: Confirmed designation

  • Decision released 28 April 2014.
  • Recommendation released 5 March 2014.
  • Notified: Submissions closed 19 March 2013.


Decision of Auckland Transport (PDF 357KB)

Conditions (PDF 1MB)


Recommendation report - erratum (PDF 17KB)

Appendix 1 - conditions (PDF 690KB)

Appendix 3 - hearing attendees (PDF 84KB)

Recommendation report (PDF 876KB)

Appendix 2 - overview map (PDF 138KB)

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Submitter evidence

Auckland Boxing Association - Catherine Heppelthwaite
(PDF 527KB)

Dilworth Trust Board - Craig McGarr
(PDF 4.32MB)

Foodstuffs - Vaughan Smith
(PDF 99KB)

MediaWorks - John Heileg
(PDF 724KB)

MediaWorks - Nevil Hegley
(PDF 416KB)

MediaWorks - Roger Randle
(PDF 156KB)

Ministry of Justice - Justine Bray
(PDF 508KB)

Precinct Properties - K Cook, J Parlane, G Fisher, R Finley
(PDF 5.65MB)

Samson Corp Ltd & Sterling Nominees Ltd
- Jeffrey Brown - Attachment B (PDF 1.14MB)

Tram Lease Ltd - Michael Foster
(PDF 133KB)

Tram Lease Ltd - Michael Foster
- Attachment 2 (PDF 21KB)

Body Corp 184960 and Tenham Investments Ltd
- Alistair White (PDF 234KB)

Foodstuffs - John Burgess
(PDF 548KB)

MediaWorks - Anatole Sergejew (PDF 452KB)

MediaWorks - Mark Simpson
(PDF 2.42MB)

MediaWorks - Peter Crossan
(PDF 203KB)

MediaWorks - Vaughan Smith
(PDF 151KB)

NZHPT - Duncan McKenzie
(PDF 223KB)

Samson Corp Ltd & Sterling Nominees Ltd
- Jeffrey Brown (PDF 400KB)

Samson Corp Ltd & Sterling Nominees Ltd
- Jeffrey Brown - Attachment C (PDF 322KB)

Tram Lease Ltd - Michael Foster
- Attachment 1 (PDF 1.49MB)

Tram Lease Ltd - Paul Gunn
(PDF 1.96MB)

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July 2013 Auckland Transport evidence

CRL - Evidence Structure
(PDF 228KB)

CRL - EMF and Consultation
- Evidence of Aimee Barwick (PDF 399KB)

CRL - Property Acquisition and Management
- Evidence of Deb Godinet (Updated) (PDF 173KB)

CRL - Albert St Construction Process
- Evidence of Simon Ferneyhough (PDF 551KB)

Built Heritage
- Evidence of Bruce Petry (PDF 298KB)

CRL - Contaminated Land
- Evidence of David Dangerfield (PDF 2.5MB)

CRL - Noise - Evidence of Craig Fitzgerald
(PDF 2.8MB)

CRL - Planning (Effects)
- Evidence of Fiona Blight (PDF 641KB)

CRL - Planning (Strategic)
- Evidence of Bryce Julyan (Updated) (PDF 1.46MB)

CRL - Structural Engineering
- Evidence of Craig Stevenson (PDF 487KB)

CRL - Trees - Evidence of Simon Chapman (PDF 1.2MB)

CRL - Vibration
- Evidence of James Whitlock (PDF 509KB)

CRL - AT Strategic Context
- Evidence of David Warburton (PDF 270KB)

CRL - Project Delivery
- Evidence of Chris Meale (PDF 531KB)

CRL - Air Quality
- Evidence of Camilla Needham (PDF 237KB)

CRL - Archaeology
- Evidence of Rod Clough (PDF 528KB)

CRL - Concept Design
- Evidence of Bill Newns (Updated) (PDF 10.2MB)

CRL - Economic
- Evidence of John Williamson (PDF 195KB)

CRL - NoR Interactive Simulation
- Evidence of Rachael Roberts (PDF 847KB)

CRL - AT Strategic Context
- Evidence of David Warburton (PDF 270KB)

CRL - Station Design
- Evidence of John Fellows (PDF 2.2MB)

CRL - Transport
- Evidence of Ian Clark (PDF 2.5MB)

CRL - Urban Design Framework
- Evidence of Alistair Ray (PDF 309KB)

CRL - Vibration
- Evidence of Matthew Harrison (PDF 461KB)

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June 2013 hearing report

City Rail Link s42A Hearing Report
(PDF 1.66MB)

Attachment B - Late Submissions
(PDF 1.06MB)

Attachment D - Summary of Submissions
(PDF 1.21MB)

Attachment F - Noise and Vibration (Operational)
(PDF 327KB)

Attachment H - Transportation
(PDF 419KB)

Attachment J - Built Heritage and Archaeology
(PDF 436KB)

Attachment L - Contaminated Land
(PDF 272KB)

Attachment N - Urban Design
(PDF 281KB)

Attachment A - Submission withdrawal
(PDF 32KB)

Attachment C - Late Submissions Decision
(PDF 494KB)

Attachment F - Noise and Vibration
(Construction) (PDF 370KB)

Attachment G - Structural Integrity
(PDF 5.68MB)

Attachment I - Tangata Whenua
(PDF 47KB)

Attachment K - Trees and Vegetation
(PDF 77KB)

Attachment M - Air Quality
(PDF 267KB)

Attachment O - AC Recommended Conditions
(PDF 796KB)

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Additional information provided

CRL Social Impact Assessment (PDF 637KB)

CRL Proposed Draft NoR Conditions (PDF 408KB)

CRL Supplementary Traffic Modelling Report
May 2013 (PDF 9.2MB)

Volume 1

Overview and Index
(PDF 908KB)

Notice of requirement 2
(plan modifications 69 and 346)
(PDF 988KB)

Notice of requirement 4
(plan modification 71)
(PDF 722KB)

Notice of requirement 6
(plan modification 349)
(PDF 778KB)

Notice of requirement 1 (plan modification 68)
(PDF 782KB)

Notice of requirement 3
(plan modifications 70 and 347)
(PDF 882KB)

Notice of requirement 5
(plan modification 348) (PDF 683KB)

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Volume 2: Assessment of Environmental Effects (all notices of requirement)

AEE summary (PDF 153KB)

AEE aerials (PDF 5MB)

AEE district plan maps (PDF 7MB)

AEE cultural values (5800kb)


AEE status and acquisitions (PDF 296KB)

AEE consultation (3779kb)

AEE statutory and non statutory (PDF 202KB)

Volume 3: Technical reports

Air assessment (PDF 3MB)

Archaeological appendices (PDF 5.5MB)

Built heritage part 1 (PDF 502KB)

Built heritage part 3 (PDF 4MB)

Built heritage part 5 (PDF 1.8MB)

Concept design report – appendix A (PDF 4.1MB)

Contaminated land assessment part 1 (PDF 2.6MB)

Contaminated land assessment part 3 (PDF 4.5MB)

Contaminated land assessment part 5 (PDF 6.4MB)

Environmental management framework (PDF 507KB)

Noise and vibration part 1 (PDF 4.7MB)

Noise and vibration part 3 (PDF 5.1MB)

Noise and vibration part 5 (PDF 1.2MB)

Structural engineering report (PDF 753KB)

Structural engineering part 2 (PDF 4.4MB)

Tree assessment (PDF 3.8MB)

Urban design part 2 (PDF 3.8MB)

Archaeological assessment (PDF 5MB)

Built heritage (PDF 1.7MB)

Built heritage part 2 (PDF 3.1MB)

Built heritage part 4 (PDF 6.5MB)

Concept design report (PDF 1.9MB)

Concept design report – appendices B and C (PDF PDF 3.1MB)

Contaminated land assessment part 2 (PDF 326KB)

Contaminated land assessment part 4 (PDF 6.2MB)

Contaminated land assessment part 6 (PDF 80KB)

Integrated transport assessment (PDF 5.7MB)

Noise and vibration part 2 (PDF 5.5MB)

Noise and vibration part 4 (PDF 5.3MB)

Options evaluation report (PDF 5MB)

Structural engineering part 1 (PDF 4.6MB)

Urban design part 1 (PDF 5MB)