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Safety - Vision and Values



‘Mahia te mahi, hei painga hei oranga mo tātou katoa’
‘To do the work, for the good of everyone’.

Our health & safety vision has been suggested by CRL’s Mana Whenua. It is a Māori proverb credited to Te Puea Herangi.

In CRL’s context, our vision asks readers to consider who benefits from doing the work. At a personal level, it is ourselves and those closest to us; our colleagues, our families, our communities. It is also the built and natural environment upon which we work. It is also the City of Auckland; its people, its prosperous and sustainable future.

We cannot reap these benefits if we do not work safely. We must therefore always look out for ourselves and our colleagues. We must protect the environment and the land on which we work.

CRL’s health & safety vision therefore asks us as individuals to consider how working safely benefits others as well as ourselves.


Our Values

In pursuit of our vision, and in consultation with CRL’s Mana Whenua, we have identified a number of core values and behaviours. These values are intended to guide all those working on the project in decision making, health & safety leadership activities, and day to day actions.

We will... We will...
Respect and comply with our HSE obligations Take personal accountability for our actions
Eliminate HSE risks wherever possible Look after our mental health and wellbeing
Respect and care for the environment Adopt and promote good HSE practice
Adopt a culture of continuous learning Speak up if we see something wrong