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Sending Invoices to the Project

All invoices should be addressed to CRLL and emailed to

When you are ready to send us your invoice please: 

  1. Send a single PDF copy to

  2. Ensure that your company name is in the subject line of the email

  3. Clearly reference the PO # on the front of the invoice

  4. Attach exactly 1 attachment to that email (emails with more than one attachment will be disregarded). If you do require supporting information on the invoice, these should be pages 2 (and so on) of the pdf.


Payment will be made via an electronic bank transfer into your nominated bank account.

Invoices will be paid on the 20th of the month following the date of the invoice unless alternative payment terms have been prescribed on your purchase/contract order number. For example, monthly services provided in January with an invoice dated:

  • 31 January and received by 5 February will be paid on 20 February

  • 1 February and received by 5 February will be paid on 20 March

Contract transition to City Rail Link Limited

For suppliers to the project that were contracted under Auckland Transport, these contracts are required to be transferred to City Rail Link as soon as practicable after 1 July 2017. All suppliers to the project have been issued a transfer agreement. Please complete these agreements and return to us. If you have any queries regarding these transfers, please email

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Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

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