City Rail Link

News - July 2019

CRL holds “Bring a Child to Work Day”


This month, City Rail Link employees were invited to bring their sons, daughters, nieces, nephews and extended rangatahi along to the CBD office for the first ever CRL children’s day.

The event provided a chance for staff to show off their whānau as well as an opportunity for children to learn about what the adults in their lives do when they leave for work each morning.

The day started with an overview of the project and the children were quizzed on their rail and construction knowledge with spot prizes and treats.

Then it was time to let loose with a team activity. The kids were given a room full of recyclable materials and told to build a model of the City Rail Link. The result was incredible, with popsicle stick tracks, life-like cardboard stations and paper trees lining the rail line.

After spending time with the adults at their desks learning the ins and outs of working on New Zealand’s largest construction project, everyone regrouped for a shared lunch.

Later, when quizzed about their days, the response was overwhelmingly positive.

“I really like working” said 9-year-old Gibson. “Can I go again next week?” said Ollie, 3.  

Helena, 7, said “I liked making the station and eating French bread for lunch”.

Nigel Horrocks