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News - July 2019

Meet the neighbours – Coffee Right

Coffee Right

What most people don't know about Coffee Right, a modern cafe next to the Auckland District Court in the heart of Albert Street, is that it serves up delicious homemade dumplings and Thai curries alongside a fully stocked cabinet and a classic Kiwi brunch menu.

It's owner, Yang Li, said the idea came from his head chef Angel Ngan, who has experience in cooking Asian cuisine. 

"We have food from Thailand, Malaysia, we have Chinese dumplings like pork, prawn and chive and noodle soup," Angel said.

"I don't use MSG in any of my cooking and it's all homemade and healthy".

She said there were plenty of gluten free and dairy free options also.

Yang has owned the cafe for about three years. He decided to buy it after driving past it in his courier truck in his previous job almost every day. No stranger to career changes, Yang initially wanted to be an IT specialist when he first came to New Zealand about 20 years ago but switched career paths after he found the field too hard to get a job in.

He said the CRL works on the road outside the shop has been difficult for business but the shop was still open from 6am until 5.30pm on weekdays and from 9am until 2.30pm on weekends.

Coffee Right is currently running a special promotion for people in the area who came in for sit down meal.

"Anyone who orders a meal off the menu can get any coffee for just $2 extra - which is a good deal! Usually coffees are about $4-5 on their own," Yang said. 

Nigel Horrocks