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NEWS - MAY 2019

Lower Queen St/Britomart update

Northern tunnel under the Chief Post Office building

CRL Contractor Downer Soletanche-Bachy Joint Venture continues their tunnel box construction under Queen St and Britomart, as well as works to Britomart station in preparation for the new CRL line.

Construction of tunnel floors in Lower Queen St is progressing well and connection to the tunnels beneath the Commercial Bay development is being made. Beneath the Chief Post Office building, construction of tunnel floors is complete for both tunnels and construction of the tunnel walls has commenced.

Demolition of the existing secant pile wall between the station and the building has been completed in the northern tunnel and is currently underway for the southern tunnel.

In the Britomart Station, demolition of the stairs on the northern side of the escalators is now underway behind hoardings. Once this is completed, a new escalator and replacement for the existing three escalators can commence. These works will not affect station passenger access.

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Nigel Horrocks