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NEWS - MAY 2019

Streetscape along Albert St

View down Albert St from Shakespeare Hotel's balcony

View down Albert St from Shakespeare Hotel's balcony

There have been a number of traffic and pedestrian walkway switches along Albert St in the past month, with more expected in the months ahead. If you are driving or walking along Albert St, plan ahead and keep track of upcoming road changes on our website here.

As well as continuing with tunnel box construction works underground, our contractor Connectus has started the aboveground works along Albert St. This requires a number of new utility services to be installed including a new watermain line, construction of tree pits and a new finished surface for the footpath and road carriageway.

The removal of the building canopies between Victoria and Wellesley Sts are continuing and the project is on track to have this completed in October this year. Following completion of the canopy removals, the main works contractor is expecting to start diverting utility services between Victoria and Wellesley Sts for the new Aotea Station.

Albert St is undergoing a significant amount of change as we enter the next phase of works. Together with Connectus we’re always looking for ways to improve the amenity along Albert St. This includes fixing kerbs and painting planter boxes, and we’ve got a more comprehensive cleaning and maintenance programme underway.

If you see public spaces along Albert St that need a little love, please let us know at We will pass on your suggestions to our contractor.

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Nigel Horrocks