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Property Owners - June 2013 hearing report

Property owners - June 2013 hearing report


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June 2013 Hearing Report

City Rail Link s42A Hearing Report
(PDF 1.66MB)

Attachment B - Late Submissions
(PDF 1.06MB)

Attachment D - Summary of Submissions
(PDF 1.21MB)

Attachment F - Noise and Vibration (Operational)
(PDF 327KB)

Attachment H - Transportation
(PDF 419KB)

Attachment J - Built Heritage and Archaeology
(PDF 436KB)

Attachment L - Contaminated Land
(PDF 272KB)

Attachment N - Urban Design
(PDF 281KB)

Attachment A - Submission withdrawal
(PDF 32KB)

Attachment C - Late Submissions Decision
(PDF 494KB)

Attachment F - Noise and Vibration
(Construction) (PDF 370KB)

Attachment G - Structural Integrity
(PDF 5.68MB)

Attachment I - Tangata Whenua
(PDF 47KB)

Attachment K - Trees and Vegetation
(PDF 77KB)

Attachment M - Air Quality
(PDF 267KB)

Attachment O - AC Recommended Conditions
(PDF 796KB)