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Property Owners -Additional Information Part 2

Property Owners - Additional Information Part 2

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More background documents (Auckland Council District Plan modification 68-71 Operative Auckland City - Central Area Section 2005)
Submitter evidence
July 2013 Auckland Transport evidence
June 2013 hearing report
Additional information provided - Part 1
CRL Designation Conditions, Property Purchase Programme, More information for Property Owners


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Volume 2: Assessment of Environmental Effects (all notices of requirement)

AEE summary (PDF 153KB)

AEE aerials (PDF 5MB)

AEE district plan maps (PDF 7MB)

AEE cultural values (5800kb)


AEE status and acquisitions (PDF 296KB)

AEE consultation (3779kb)

AEE statutory and non statutory (PDF 202KB)

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Volume 3: Technical reports

Air assessment (PDF 3MB)

Archaeological appendices (PDF 5.5MB)

Built heritage part 1 (PDF 502KB)

Built heritage part 3 (PDF 4MB)

Built heritage part 5 (PDF 1.8MB)

Concept design report – appendix A (PDF 4.1MB)

Contaminated land assessment part 1 (PDF 2.6MB)

Contaminated land assessment part 3 (PDF 4.5MB)

Contaminated land assessment part 5 (PDF 6.4MB)

Environmental management framework (PDF 507KB)

Noise and vibration part 1 (PDF 4.7MB)

Noise and vibration part 3 (PDF 5.1MB)

Noise and vibration part 5 (PDF 1.2MB)

Structural engineering report (PDF 753KB)

Structural engineering part 2 (PDF 4.4MB)

Tree assessment (PDF 3.8MB)

Urban design part 2 (PDF 3.8MB)

Archaeological assessment (PDF 5MB)

Built heritage (PDF 1.7MB)

Built heritage part 2 (PDF 3.1MB)

Built heritage part 4 (PDF 6.5MB)

Concept design report (PDF 1.9MB)

Concept design report – appendices B and C (PDF PDF 3.1MB)

Contaminated land assessment part 2 (PDF 326KB)

Contaminated land assessment part 4 (PDF 6.2MB)

Contaminated land assessment part 6 (PDF 80KB)

Integrated transport assessment (PDF 5.7MB)

Noise and vibration part 2 (PDF 5.5MB)

Noise and vibration part 4 (PDF 5.3MB)

Options evaluation report (PDF 5MB)

Structural engineering part 1 (PDF 4.6MB)

Urban design part 1 (PDF 5MB)