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Property Owners -Additional Information Part 1

Property Owners - Additional Information Part 1

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More background documents (Auckland Council District Plan modification 68-71 Operative Auckland City - Central Area Section 2005)
Submitter evidence
July 2013 Auckland Transport evidence
June 2013 hearing report
Additional information provided - Part 2
CRL Designation Conditions, Property Purchase Programme, More information for Property Owners


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Additional information provided

CRL Social Impact Assessment (PDF 637KB)

CRL Proposed Draft NoR Conditions (PDF 408KB)

CRL Supplementary Traffic Modelling Report
May 2013 (PDF 9.2MB)

Volume 1

Overview and Index
(PDF 908KB)

Notice of requirement 2
(plan modifications 69 and 346)
(PDF 988KB)

Notice of requirement 4
(plan modification 71)
(PDF 722KB)

Notice of requirement 6
(plan modification 349)
(PDF 778KB)

Notice of requirement 1 (plan modification 68)
(PDF 782KB)

Notice of requirement 3
(plan modifications 70 and 347)
(PDF 882KB)

Notice of requirement 5
(plan modification 348) (PDF 683KB)

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