City Rail Link

Otahuhu Improvements

Otahuhu improvements


CRLL’s contract 8 includes improvement works at Otahuhu and The Strand in Parnell.

The works will be delivered by KiwiRail and Auckland Transport and will help create a more reliable and resilient rail service.

Otahuhu 3rd Platform & Loop

The introduction of a new train timetable when the City Rail Link (CRL) is finished will divert many Western Line services away from Grafton to give a significantly better service for passengers going between the west and Britomart.

A new service will be provided between west Auckland and Otahuhu that enables passengers going west to south or vice versa to avoid having to go to the City Centre.

Creating that new service between Otahuhu and Henderson will require a new platform at Otahuhu to allow those trains to turn back. The platform will be located on a loop track off the main line. This will also enable any train needing repair to be accommodated if necessary without holding up other services.


These works are expected to be carried out in 2019/2020. Timing and further details to be confirmed in due course.

SOUTH: Proposed southern platform at Otahuhu

SOUTH: Proposed southern platform at Otahuhu

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